2º edition —
Support program for Angolan Creation PACA-FAS

The Angolan Creation Support Program focuses on arts and creation. The micro-grants offered will allow for the continuation of artistic research and ongoing projects.
The second edition of the PACA- FAS continues to support artistic creation and research for artists who live and work in Angola.


Marie-Ann Yemsi

Invited jury

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Marie-Ann Yemsi is an independent curator and contemporary art consultant. A graduate in political science, she is the founder and director of Agent Créatif(s), a Paris-based agency, which has developed a renowned expertise in cultural production and art consulting with a focus on contemporary artists and artistic scenes in Africa, its diasporas and the Caribbean. She served as the Artistic Director of « Afrotopia », the 11th edition of the Rencontres de Bamako - African Biennale of Photography in Mali (2017-2018). She has been the curator of several international exhibitions, including « African Odysseys » (Brass, Brussels, 2015), « A Silent Line, Lives Here » (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2018), « Have You Seen a Horizon Lately ?» (MACAAL, Marrakesh, 2020) and « Ubuntu, a Lucid Dream » (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2021-2022). She is the guest curator of the Norval Foundation (Cape Town) for a solo show which will open in the fall of 2022.


Invited jury

Laboratório de Critica e Curadoria is a platform for sharing, researching, and experimenting in curating and art criticism, focusing on creating a system of thought and reflection in the Angolan art scene. LabCC is composed of Luamba Muinga, Marcos Jinguba, and Selso Zua. The LabCC is based in Luanda.

Sofia Costa Freire
Executive Advisor to the Board

FAS jury

Bruno Leitão
Head Curator

FAS jury


It is our intent to support:

- Independent artists and creative practitioners in the development of compelling and original work, whether existing or new.

- Artists wishing to adapt existing projects and practice for the current environment and think through new mediums of delivery (e.g., online) or future offline scenarios.

Programme Budget

In the creation of five(5) FAS micro-fee bursaries, each with a budget of the equivalent to €2000(two thousand euros) in Kwanzas Kz at the exchange rate of the moment.


Applications will be accepted from the 4th of July 2022 until midnight of 30th of September 2022. Winning applicants will receive 50% of the scholarship amount up to two weeks after the final announcement. Up to ninety (90) days later and with the receipt of photographs of the project process, the second part of the grant will be transferred to the recipients.


The application process is via a simple, short online form, that can be found here.

Applications can be submitted in Portuguese or English.

Only successful applicants will be contacted, while all applicants will receive an acknowledgment that their application has been received.

Eligibility Criteria

- Applicants must be living and working in ANGOLA for at least three(3) years at the time of the application, have Angolan nationality or be of Angolan descent (Diaspora).

- Applicants should demonstrate that they are active and committed to their local creative communities (via CV).

- Applicants should demonstrate the integrity of purpose and originality of thinking in their work in general and in the projects they are proposing.

- Applicants should be an individual artist or an artist collective, ensemble, or group.

The PACA-FAS Programme covers

- Development of existing work.

- Preparation and R&D for new work.

- Support for the following: cancellation of exhibitions, time-sensitive projects or participation in a residency programme abroad (with documentation).


The applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of members of FAS and an invited international established curator. The committee will consider:

- The nature of the project – its integrity, originality and urgency.

- Adherence of the project to the application criteria.

- The opportunity for which the practitioner is applying for and the impact a micro-fee would have on the practitioner's ability to carry out the project.

- The clarity of the written request and supporting documents detailing the status of the ongoing work.

- Adherence to criteria set out above.

- Presentation of a memory optionally with images (pictures, drawings or schemes) of the process, as the essential aspect of this program is to allow creativity to happen.


Names, applications and any personal information of the applicants will be kept confidential to respect the right to privacy of the individuals. FAS reserves the right to announce the recipient's list publicly.


FAS is very pleased to announce the list of recipients:

Jaliya The Bird
Pamina Sebastião
Kwassa com Ambiente
André Gomes
Mwana Pwo